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Our first training ride BOOTCAMP (5 MARCH ) was much fun and an achievement for a couple of the young cyclists on this training ride. It was a really hot day but the all handled it with a smile ! We definitely encourage you to join as it is a fun way of getting fitter and more skilled for the upcoming marathon and x-country races in the South Cape 


All you young cyclists : Training and Tech skills and knowledge to keep you going on the trail

We will continue with our young cyclists clinics  On Tuesdays 5.30pm for 10+, teens and ladies wanting to get a bit fitter and skilled . So please join in the fun .

Tues evening rides : Easy 15-18km mtb ride



FUTURE BOOTCAMPS :For any younger (or older ! ) cyclist wanting a fun challenging event we will be hosting  “dirt camp” style events consisting of an approx 35km mtb easy ride and a 5-10 km walk from The Farm . Some will be cycling only – depends on the demand ! Coffee and refreshments will always be available from the starting and finish venue (The Farm)  .