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The temptation will always be there to grab a bargain , but you do really get what you pay for ! I know the  big superstore bikes seem cheaper and bike store prices seem a bit daunting . But you may be surprised to know you can find an affordable , yet branded , alternative at a bicycle shop. You will also have the knowledge and back up that goes along with it. So consider a quality mtb for your child over a superstore bargain !

I know you may not be sure if cycling will be their “thing” but I can tell you , you may put them off cycling for life ! The components are mostly steel so the bike will weigh a ton, even though your child may at first only be doing short distances , it still might rapidly end up costing him loads in repairs.

Bikes from superstores are generally poorly assembled and not set up at all. Loose and inexpertly fitted components will wear badly fairly quickly. Bike assembly should be done by a trained specialist with the proper tools. Thats what you’ll get if you buy a good quality mtb for your child from your local bicycle shop.

And what does it feel like to ride ? Terrible. It’s heavy, clunky and unresponsive. The brakes are horrible and the gears are crunching ! The poor assembly . There will be no pleasure in riding a bike like this .

Consider a good quality second hand mtb for your child , if new bike prices are out of your reach – ask your shop to check it for you for wear . Bike shops like Knysna Cycle Works often have second hand kids bikes.A good bike will serve you well in the long run and if well maintained will last you years.