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 The MTB trail paradise we have in Knysna will restore your mind as you escape into the leafy shadows …..

On your bike you can explore a myriad of trails and gravel roads deep into the forest. Experience the mystical “kok-kok-kok-kok call of the Knysna Turaco ( Lourie ) or find a steaming mound of elephant dung if you are lucky !

 Ride the “Oyster routes” or “Woodcutters” routes – local unmarked routes following a routes through MTO plantations . Some of these routes are used by local events , like the Knysna Cycle Race. Expect  jeep-track, single track and gravel. Best ridden with the locals. There are all types of routes catering to all skill and fitness levels. Join us on an outride or skills session

Explore the great outdoors! Ride the  “Kom-se-Pad”  route or the 7 Passes on the Old Knysna – George Road

So take yourself on an adventure in our MTB trail paradise or let us show you around.

Hire a bike or bring your own

Or enter some of the MTB races in our area :

  1. Transcape 2017 : Registration: 4 February 2017 (Knysna)
    Race: 5-11 February 2017 – Starts in Knysna
  2. Knysna Bull 2017 : 5km Prologue: 23 February 2017 (5pm)
    3 Trail Stages (200km): 24 – 26 February 2017 – Knysna
  3. Oubos MTB Marathon Series no.2 : 25th February Blanco Primary School – George
  4. Kingfisher MTB Marathon Series no.3 : 18 March 2017 : Hoekwil Primary School – Hoekwil
  5. GR300 Enduro and GRLite :  MTB :28 – 30 April 2017. Registration on Thursday 27th – Knysna
  6. 7 Passes MTB : 17 June 2017
  7. Momentum Weekend Argus Knysna Cycle Tour presented by Rotary: MTB Race : 8 July
  8. Forest Family Dam Ride : 9 July

At Knysna Cycle Works we do a lot of these events ourselves or offer professional back-up and servicing during these events

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