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Some manufacturers require regular servicing of their suspension forks and shocks to keep your warranty in place.

Regular servicing is, anyway a great way of prolonging the life of your bicycle and its components. For example – you never check your chain and ride it until it is completely worn – your gears are slipping, you may get chain suck and end up hurting yourself. You begin to have a generally unpleasant cycling experience! Grumpy, you take your bike to your L.B.S. and they discover, not only do you have to replace your chain, but also your rear cassette and probably a couple of chain rings on your crank! And you have a nasty graunch out of your frame where your chain got wedged between the crank and the frame (chainsuck) on your last ride! Regular lubing , checking for wear and replacing a chain in time will save you a lot of heartache ! So regular servicing is the best investment in prolonging the lifespan of your valuable steed.


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