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At Knysna Cycle Works

We are a dedicated bicycle shop

We are passionate about bikes.

We are committed to service

We have not lost our enthusiasm to keep you on your bike and cycling and continue to stay motivated and excited about all things bicycling.

Visit us soon !




Passionate about service.

REMEMBER the first time you rode a bicycle ?

The freedom and the excitement ? This is the joy we want you to experience when you take your bike home. We want you to love your bike!

Buy a new bike, select one of our QUALITY PRE- OWNED BIKES or just HIRE A BIKE. WE TAKE YOUR SATISFACTION personally and want to offer you the standard of care that will please you. We are passionate about service.

VISIT US at our new premises in WATERFRONT PARK next to OXIGYM and experience our great service and NEW COFFEE SHOP. Our vision is to move forward meeting new customers and delivering the kind of SERVICE that will make you want to come back and become one of the family.


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Night Riding

Please come in and find out when the next night ride will be. The prospect of riding in the dark can be daunting, the best thing is to just get out there and give it a go. You’ll soon feel the excitement, experiencing your local trails  like you never have before!

A great spot to meet old and new friends, drink coffee, or hire a bike to explore our beautiful town.

bike shop reflections while drinking coffee and having a chat with friends

Ride Local Knysna

A chance to ride with locals on local trails
Ride Local Knysna
Ride Local Knysna1 week ago
Big day out tomorrow 80km plus Mtb ride in our surrounds 08h00 from Knysna Cycle Works
Ride Local Knysna
Ride Local Knysna1 month ago
Living in the present Beautiful Knysna today.
Ride Local Knysna
Ride Local Knysna2 months ago
If you have never joined a Thirsty Thursday Mtb ride , do so next Thursday from Knysna Cycle Works 17h00 - all welcome .
Ride Local Knysna
Ride Local Knysna2 months ago
Knysna Cycle Tour
Ride Local Knysna
Ride Local Knysna2 months ago
Photos from Ride Local Knysna's post
Concordia Contours Trails, Knysna
A little Mother’s Day ride 😘
Ride Local Knysna
Ride Local Knysna2 months ago
What do you think of when you picture riding with your entire family? The family bliss, fresh air, all cruising along together happy and smiling. The reality is, as I found out is that while there may be moments like these, there will also be moaning and complaining, the occasional grazed knee and tears! Don’t be discouraged at this reality-it will get easier and it will be fun (eventually!). We headed out as a family all-full of the joy of the outdoors. This lasted exactly five minutes until the going got tough and the tough started complaining. Intrepidly we continued – pushing, stopping and bribing – until a brief moment of communal joy at being out “mountain biking” enveloped us through the dappled shade of the trees. Very brief and then the moaning ensued at the first bump in the road, so to speak! So we adjusted our expectations and shortened our expedition- our youngest having “experienced mountain-biking” enough for one day. After all tomorrow is another day. Here are a few tips for you before you head out for adventure : Don’t forget to check your kids bikes. You may be an avid rider and keep your bike in top condition, but might have neglected juniors steed. Your child needs a properly functioning bicycle or they will not enjoy the ride . Check their helmet and make sure it still fits properly and has not been damaged. A good quality helmet is the best investment you can make. Make sure you have plenty of water and snacks to keep energy levels up and something sweet to bribe with!!! Remember not to underestimate your child’s abilities-they are capable of more than you think. Note to self – don’t impose your fears of falling etc. onto them. Listen to your children, don’t push too hard and eventually it will become easier and more fun for all of you! And this will hopefully become a life long passion for two wheels.

Cycle Shop with Soul in Knysna

Cycle Shop in Knysna with soul: Knysna cycle works Our well established cycle shop in Knysna  is Knysna Cycle Works. Run by bicycle servicing guru Jacques Brink  – this LBS in Knysna has been in existence since 1986 . We have evolved and pride ourselves in friendly...

Knysna Dams Ride – fun cycling for all.

Join us for a ride into the forests above Knysna, passing some of the Knysna dams that supply our water needs. You will be able to stop at  various look-out points where you will be able to catch your breath and take in the spectacular views, riding past the Knysna...

MTB Experiences – Concordia trails

Cycling Experience in Knysna Join us on a fantastic cycling experience on one of our trails. The Concordia trails…… In our backyard trails we will take you on a fantastic cycling experience in Knysna. There are trails to suit all ages and capabilities....

Rules of the Trail

Leave no trace.

Ride on open trails only.

Plan ahead.

Be prepared for breakdowns.

Take enough food and water.

Wear a helmet.

Control your bicycle.

Always yield to hikers and horse riders.

Never spook animals.

Be friendly to everyone.

Lend a hand.


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